January 28, 2013

Why save if you have to run up your credit card debt to do it?  Yet, that’s what  many of us do all the time.  Most Americans owe more on credit card debt than they have in their savings accounts. 

What’s the point?  Today, you’re lucky if you can earn 1% on your savings,  and it’s not unusual to pay 20% to 30% on your credit cards. 

Some try to beat the system by opening up new credit card offers with 0% for a year or so, but this system just postpones the agony, and you end up a year later paying even more interest than you did originally.  And your credit score suffers, too, as too many credit cards is a sign of someone in financial trouble.

If you’re in this boat, I’m hoping my new Ebook will help.  It was written with the viewpoint of getting you on the road to saving.  Consistently saving at least 10% of your income can result in a huge savings account  balance when you retire.  Who knows, you may even be able to retire early.

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